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Praise for The New Early Childhood Professional

“A talented leader is required to pull all the building blocks of quality together into a harmonious community. For this reason, The New Early Childhood Professional is a vital resource for both new and experienced early childhood leaders…. Readers, be prepared to be jolted out of your comfort zone. This book will challenge, inform, provoke, and inspire you.”
—From the Foreword by Roger and Bonnie Neugebauer, publishers of Exchange Magazine

“In this book, Washington, Gadson, and Amel lay out a proven, intentional, strategic, and clear approach to effect change collectively and individually. A definite must-read!”

—Marta T. Rosa, Senior Executive Director, Department of Government & External Affairs, and Community Impact/Chief Diversity Officer, Wheelock College

“At a pivotal moment in early childhood education, the authors give us the tools to become agents of change on behalf of young children. This highly readable discussion leaves us with no more excuses.”
—Jacqueline Jones, executive director of the Foundation for Child Development in New York

"An energizing and thought provoking book that ask all of us to reach beyond our comfort zone and be part of the solution for our youngest learners in our community. I have had the honor to work with many of the professionals highlighted in this book and all of them had the courage to think out side the box and find the answers to help their students and families. Learn how to be an agent of change."

—Pamela Perrino, Early Childhood Advocate at Perrino Consulting and The Raymond John Wean Foundation

"I heartily recommend this book by Valora Washington, a leader herself in our field."

—Peggy Daly Pizzo, San Francisco Bay Area - ‎Senior Scholar Stanford Graduate School of Education

Praise for The CAYL Institute

“I have greater awareness of policy issues and I’m much more concerned. Before I would participate, but I was not as personally engaged. I was not thinking about how those policies affected my work on a day-to-day basis. Now, I cant be a part of meetings or advocacy efforts without being actively engaged. I take more responsibility because of the Fellowship. It was taught me that I have to be an active player.”

“My experience [with The CAYL Institute] is one of the reasons I stated committed in supporting and working for the development of low-income, multilingual early care and education workforce.”

“My work with CAYL has really helped me create my vision for educating young learners.  CAYL has been the best professional development that I had ever encountered as an educator because for me it tied everything together.  It really forced me to look at the whole child and not just one piece.”

“CAYL gave me that opportunity and feeling that I actually could make a difference and I could actually do something in the area of early childhood.”

“CAYL has given me a voice.  I'm learning how to be a better advocate our students.”

"I would summarize my CAYL Fellowship experience as 'eye-opening.' This opportunity has truly and literally opened my eyes to the world of public policy, has dispelled myths, and given me viable tools to effect change on a larger scale."

“CAYL’s National Conference was the best conference and presentation I’ve ever been to in my 15 years of being an educator…it grounded me more in best practices and it inspired me to be the best educator that I could be and to remember why I came in to education”

“The Fellowship gave me a voice to advocate for the needs of preschoolers with the administration.”

“CAYL has been successful in setting the stage and creating the climate for being a collaborative community of people who are working to figure things out together and be leaders of change.”

“The work being done at The CAYL Institute is critical to building a solid learning foundation for children. I would encourage my colleagues to apply for any CAYL Fellowships in the future!”