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Educational Consulting


In all services, The CAYL Institute utilizes our:

• Individualized approach to meet the unique needs and capacities of those engaging with us
• Extensive of network of national experts in the field of early care and education and child development
• Unique learner-first approach

Systems Development and Alignment

The CAYL Institute is field-wide leader in the alignment and development of the systemic infrastructures that support young children and early childhood educators.

• Assistance in strengthening the alignment of learning standards and assessment for children from birth through Grade 3.
• Create systems that embed the active participation of families, key community stakeholders, and the community context.
• Develop “whole community systems” designed to promote the education of all children birth to Grade 3.
• Support early care and education field-wide collaboration to develop policy and program strategies that benefit all children.
• Facilitate a common understanding between early childhood education and elementary educators regarding developmentally appropriate practice (DAP) for teaching young children.
• Connect the relationship of policies and family-community partnerships to the potential of young learners.

Professionalizing the Field

The CAYL Institute has extensive experience in professionalizing the field of early care and education and increases the competency early childhood educators.

• Technical support related to statewide Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS).
• Technical support related to the development and implementation of career ladders/lattices to provide concrete pathways for continuous professional growth.
• Align core teaching competencies with program quality standards.
• Facilitate and improve collaboration across state level agencies, higher education, and community-based agencies to align with the needs of early educators to attain higher levels of education.
• Assist early educators with navigating the higher education and professional development systems.

Individual Capacity Building

The CAYL Institute is a national leader in providing intensive professional development, training, and technical assistance to early care and education leaders and practitioners through a variety of approaches that are tailored to meet the unique individual needs and expand the capacity of those requesting our services.
• Deliver core content and pedagogical knowledge in the science of early learning, developmentally appropriate practice (DAP),  STEM, assessment, and the core competencies pertinent to early care and education.

• Equip practitioners with the tools to build their individual and collective capacities to lead change in their institutions and communities.
• Develop concrete strategies, tools, and cohesive plans of action that respond to existing needs that elicit change.
• Access to national experts though CAYL’s extensive network of early childhood leaders based on specified goals and needs.