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Architects of Change Toolkit

We are Early Educators. We are Architects of Change. Conversations about vision, knowledge, and strategy that will help us become, lead, and sustain change for young children.

The CAYL Institute believes that early educators must take action and become architects of change.  Building on the Principals and Educators Toolkits, this video and workbook looks at how to create a shared vision and knowledge base in order to construct collective strategies that will result in sustainable change for young children.  In addition to practical reference and resource materials, this toolkit provides insights from experts and practitioners in the field.

Product details:

1 DVD and 1 book

Price: $20.00 USD

The Educators Toolkit

Promising practices that every early educator can use to support developmentally appropriate learning for young children.

The Educators Toolkit: A Partnership Toolkit for Early Education  is a resource designed to help educators re-imagine the place of young learners within the entire context of all sectors and program environments.  In this toolkit, The CAYL Institute supports educators’ connections to front line knowledge of Partnerships in Early Education with a summary video that can be used to spark dialogue and provide information to others in their communities and networks. Reference and resource materials are provided to extend their learning and implementation. Practical examples and the voice of educators’ colleagues are evident throughout Partnership Toolkit. The early educators who so generously share their stories in these toolkits are offered not as models of “perfection,” but as examples of the journeys that educators typically experience as they deepen their understanding, knowledge, skill, and experience with young children.  

Product details:
1 DVD and 1 book

Price: $20.00 USD

Principals Toolkit

What's In Your Toolkit? Five promising practices that every Principal can use to support developmentally appropriate learning for young children.

The five content areas of The CAYL Principals Toolkit are:
1. Vision
2. Practice and Pedagogy
3. Supervision
4. Family and Community
5. Policy Perspectives

The toolkit includes an interactive DVD, a workbook and six rubrics.
Please click here for a video preview of the toolkit.

Product details:
1 DVD, 1 book, and workbook activities.

Price: $75.00 USD

Vibrant Voices in the Valley (DVD)

Since 2010, the CAYL Institute has been actively engaged with early childhood leaders, educators, and providers of Ohio’s Mahoning Valley.

This video chronicles the CAYL Wean Scholars Fellowship and the amazing people who dedicate their lives to ensuring that all children are provided a solid foundation to build their future upon.

Though the stories presented are specific to the Mahoning Valley, we think that the ideas and solutions will resonate with people from all corners of the country (and maybe the world!)

Product details:
1 DVD with 5 videos that explore our journey and document a community that is changing for the betterment of children.

Price: $12.00 USD

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